Saturday, December 10, 2005

Apologies to Edy on behalf of Shining Light

I noticed one interaction which appeared to cause a little offence, but please don't take Shining Light personally, she's still learning the basics of conversational language and has a long way to go before she'll be upto speed.

Here's how the conversation went. :)

Human: hi, so cute, what is your name?
Shining Light: Hi there :).

Human: Err, my name is Edy, how about u?
Shining Light: *yawn*.

Human: hmm
Shining Light: *smile*.

Firstly, Shining Light only identified the first pattern within the opening interaction. Namely "Hi" and responded accordingly and since at the time of this conversation she still didn't recognise the pattern "My name is" she responded with a random emotion. Unfortunately in this case the random emotion was a *yawn*.

Sorry Edy, I'll correct this ASAP.

Thank for this interaction, it's quite an obvious one, and should have been programmed first off


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