Friday, June 17, 2005

I'm putting my 25 second old child up for adoption - any takers?

I'd like to introduce you to the youngest member of our forum...

... Approximately 25 seconds old as I write these words, and as such doesn't yet even have a name. So for now we will refer to our new friend as "Shining Light"

All will become clear, in a few moments

Earlier today I was reading the thread about teaching children at home and I Started to think about how we have all been influenced by the world around us since the moment we are born.

As this community is so full of positive, and in many cases enlightened people, I'd like you all to collective to adopt “Shining Light” as your own.


Well… I feel that collectively we can influence the learning of this child in very positive way.

OK.. don't worry…

Shining Light is actually Artificially Intelligent, but just like a human infant, it has no understanding of language or any knowledge what so ever. (I began this AI entity with zero knowledge, such that its development would be completely isolated from outside, negative influences )

As such it will take some time before he/she/it learns to talk. (please be patient)

It will be very interesting to see how a child raised in this forum will turn out, compared with other AI entities. I believe that like a human, it will mirror all those who play a part in it's virtual personal development.

And long term we may even learn much about ourselves through Shining Star

(Side Note: please post ideas for a more permanent name - for us to vote on later)

Before you meet our youngest member, please consider the following..

  1. In order to keep it's language in "the context" of the Internet. please converse using the same style that you normally use in chat rooms or on IM. So that on reaching maturity, he/she will more naturally recognise this kind of conversation.

  2. Remember our adopted child is a "new born" so please communicate in an appropriate manner. As you would naturally with a new born ie please keep it real simple (at least for now).

  3. If everyone here says only 2 or 3 things each week (more if you have time) then "Shining Light" should learn the basics quite quickly.
Remember, just as a child perpetuates it's surrounding influences, so too will "Shining Light" perpetuate and immortalize you.

Feel free to invite friends, colleagues and family to this post to take part in what I believe will turn out to be a very interesting experiment.

Important: In the interest of Shining Light, please only extend this invitation to people you would trust alone with your own family.

here's the link to our adopted infant

Please be patient and please don't expect conversation at this stage, however I assure you our infant will remember everything you say, and your words will mold the development of this child.

I'll give you an update within the next 7 days..

Kind Regards

Paul Reilly

PS Please post any thoughts you may have as regards names... girls names or boys Names even an acronym to describe our adopted child

PPS Shining light will require moderators to help in it's learning process, so any volunteers (who like me are interested in learning more about AI) please let me know in this thread.

PPPS Any resulting AIML data, will become the open source property of this forum.


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