Friday, July 15, 2005

Viral Marketing, Cancer and Marie Curie

I'm currently looking for ways to monetize Shining Light's traffic. This is something that's been developing in my mind for many years and is very dear to my heart. I can see that Shining Light is a vehicle to move some distance toward realizing this vision - I'll explain.

Cancer - as you know is on the increase, and although cell phone and laptop manufacturers never mention the dangers of EMFs (electro magnetic fields) I firmly believe that they present a serious health risk. Any health risk at all should be made public, even though there's a great deal riding on the continues proliferation of mobile and cellular technologies.

Yes, your laptop emits EMFs too, at various frequencies some of which are determined by the CPU's clock speed. We in the UK also surround ourselves with 50hz (50 cycles per second) in the US it's 60Hz (60 cycles per second) - Just ask any sound engineer. Computers are one of the biggest sources of electromagnetic noise in a typical recording studio. For this reason they are often kept outside

Having studied Electronic and Electrical engineering, I was made fully aware of how conducted Alternating Current (AC) in everything from power supplies to high voltage cables has the ability to induce alternating currents in any nearby conductor (your body is a conductor, an 'electrolytic' salt solution)

When is a Laptop Not a Laptop?

When it's a notebook... Think about it!! When was the last time you saw a computer manufacturer marketing their product as a 'laptop'?

instead they are use a the more recently adopted 'notebook', even though most people use the word "Laptop"

Just to hit this issue home - when's the last time you heard of a marketeer, repetedly market a product using a products lesser known name. It never happens!

Could it be that when the 'independent research' landed on the boardroom table, the PR and legal guys agreed that if the truth that using a laptop for long periods of time, could increase the risk of sterility and even testicular cancer in men.

In the UK and probably elsewhere in the world there have been government recommendations that young children do not to use mobile phones, due to children'd thin skulls and rate which childrens bodies develop.


note: if it takes an adult skull to protect the brain, I can imagine the damage caused by a ringing mobile phone carried a pocket or by the periodic burst of microwaves which occur every 4 hours, when a phone checks it’s location.

You know, the annoying intermittent sound that you hear amplified by your HiFi system if you’re using poor quality cables – this sound is often louder than the stereo signal it’s self.

Experts warns...

“Men who use laptop computers could be unwittingly damaging their fertility”


Marie Curie, A Similar Deal

"Marie Curie the Polish-born French chemist and pioneer in the early field of radiology and a two-time Nobel laureate."

taken from Wikipedia see Marie Curie

Marie Curie died of cancer following her research into radioactive elements."

It could be said that our ignorance as a species today is no different from the ignorance demonstrated by Marie Curie herself.

Just as it was for Marie Curie in the early twentieth centuary, today we too are dabbling with a phenomenon beyond the understanding of our day. The only trouble today it that things are far worse.

Due to today's global market we see a far more rapid proliferation of potentially dangerous sources of radiation. Furthermore, our daily existance depends on them.

You Can't Live With 'EM - You Can't Live Without 'EM

Don't get me wrong, I love technology, but I do feel that technology should be treated with more respect, or at the very minimum, researched and made as safe as is humanly possible.

For this reason I’ve chosen the Marie Curie foundation to be the primary beneficiary of revenue generated by Project Shining Light.

If you've any ideas how best to monetize this project, I'd love to hear your comments below.


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